Here you will find the first five German lessons for free. Discover my teaching method in practice. In the following paragraph, I will explain the seven pillars of my teaching approach.

1. During the first 5 courses, we will work only with listening and repeating. By working exclusively with listening and repeating, your active listening skills will be activated.
2. You will not see words written in German, as this will interfere the way how you learn new vocabulary.*
3. You will receive "Lego-bricks" (language building blocks) of your target language and examples of how to use them in affirmative and negative phrases, and questions.
4. Additionally, we will focus on pronunciation and combination letters that make up sounds in German.
5. As soon as you have acquired a base of vocabulary, you will learn how words, you already know, are written.
6. Grammar lessons will be taught only in German, relying on the base learnt in previous lessons.
7. Choose your native language to start learning German, as explanations will be different depending on your mother tongue.

Obviously, I cannot prevent you from looking up the words we learn. But trust me, I've already detected students who looked up words after we practised their pronunciation for one hour and suddenly in the following lesson their pronunciation was completely different because what they memorised was what they read and not how the word sounded. Therefore, I invite you to stick to the given approach and convince yourself!

*As soon as you see a foreign word, you will read it from an English point of view. Let me give you an example: You know the word "tango", an Argentinian dance, and how to pronounce it in English. Should you start learning Spanish and this word comes up in a text, you'd maintain your English way of saying it and would not focus on the Spanish pronunciation. Listen to different pronunciations of the word "tango" and compare it with it's Spanish pronunciation.

Who will gain the most from this method?

You don't know anything at all in German? PERFECT! You might achieve the best results! Why?

Someone who has already learnt something in German and already knows how to read and write a couple of words and phrases, will not concentrate anymore on pronunciation. They have internalised subconsciously "their" pronunciation of the word via the visual input and it will be difficult to change it suddenly. Whereas, someone who starts from zero listens more actively to how words are pronounced and even more so when they can't see the written word.