Fonetikas is an online platform and community of language learners worldwide. These guidelines are the base for mutual understanding of belonging to a community. Please, make sure you that you always be respectful to other language learners from different parts of the world and with different language levels. All of you share one common goal: to learn and improve a language. 

Be supportive in all language levels. If someone makes a grammar mistake, please do not behave as if you are the most wise person on earth. We are all sitting in the same boat. Helping others is more appreciated than laughing about their courage to ask a question or make a mistake.

The same language can have different words, accents and sometimes even grammar depending on the region or country. Embrace this variety and learn something new. 

Please don’t use Fonetikas:

1) to attack a person or group of people with words and actions. Harassment, hurtful content, stalking, making sexual remarks towards someone will not be tolerated. Fonetikas reserves the right to remove these accounts at its sole discretion without previous notice if such activity is verified.

2) to spam and/or curse in the forum