What is Fonetikas?

Fonetikas is an online language acquisition platform with video lessons. Fonetikas' aim is to promote language acquisition and learning based on phonetics and linguistic building blocks of each language.

How much the membership cost?

The monthly fee is 10 Euros. You will have access to video lessons to learn your target language based on your mother tongue and based on other languages.

Is my information safe?

Fonetikas doesn't sell or share personal account information with third partiesWhen you create a Fonetikas account, you choose a username and provide us with an email address, which is not public. The username/name you chose can be seen by other users of Fonetikas. Refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

I like the teaching method and I want to offer my language via Fonetikas. Can I work with you?

If you like the teaching method used at Fonetikas, please feel free to send me an email and let me know about your background and which language(s) you would like to teach via Fonetikas.

Do I need internet connection to use Fonetikas?

Yes, if you are accessing video lessons on Fonetikas, you need to be connected to the internet.

What are the forum community guidelines?

Here you will find the community guidelines that we expect our users to follow.

How often do I need to repeat one video class?

There is no golden rule. Make sure you are able to pronounce the words correctly and understand them, and you know how to use them in a phrase and question.

Do you offer (free) lessons via Skype?

At the moment, I cannot offer lessons via Skype. In May 2017, I will offer group lessons for up to five people via Skype.

What else can I do to improve my language skills?

You may want to leave a message in our forum (only visible for members) asking if someone with your level wants to repeat words and/or phrase you both have already learnt.